why get involved at clarkson?

getting involved on campus is one of the most important things you can do. being involved has no limitations. you can be the president of an organization, be an active member of an organization, serve in student government, participate in on-campus research, go on ski or climbing trips or field trips or even volunteer around campus and in the community.

proven benefits of campus involvement

establish a sense of belonging
-becoming involved on campus will ease the transition from high school to college. joining an organization will allow you to meet people with similar interests and goals, which helps you feel more satisfied with your college experience and gives you a feeling of purpose at clarkson. plus, you can get the "real deal" about clarkson life from students who have already been through their first year.
-establishing a stable group of peers is a very important aspect of the college experience. it allows you to broaden your horizons and keeps your mind active, rather than on a single track if you are not challenged by your surroundings.

do better in academics
-students who are involved on campus tend to have better grades and are more likely to graduate from their university.
-involvement on campus allows you to meet people who have similar majors and similar problems to the ones you are facing. opening yourself up to others allows them to help you overcome tasks that you sometimes wouldn’t be able to face on your own, whether they be academic or personal.

get real-world experience
-joining an organization will help build leadership skills and give you real-world experience that will prepare you for the workforce. at clarkson, we have over 140 organizations that students can join, and if students do not find an organization of interest, they can start their own.
-working outside the classroom in organizations, student government and other co-curricular programs may be your best chance to learn real-life transactional skills like managing a budget; recruiting members; creating, promoting and evaluating an event; delegating tasks and more.
-becoming a member of a club allows for potential growth within the club and the clarkson community. it allows students to interact with faculty, staff and peers, all while building bonds with students and alumni who could eventually help you in the future. plus, you get to leave your mark and shape clarkson for the students who will come after you.

have fun!
-joining organizations will help you relax, have fun and maybe try something new. college is supposed to be fun, after all, and clarkson students know how to work hard and play hard!
-being involved helps build friendships with people that you would otherwise not have met or worked with. bonds made during a service project or within an organization can be far-reaching, creating a friendlier, more welcoming campus. 


the office of student life (osl) creates an engaged university community. osl assists students in reaching their fullest potential by tying classroom learning to real-world experience through co-curricular lectures and programs, and provides opportunities for student growth and leadership skill-building through campus events and community service partnerships. osl enhances the quality of student life by providing social and stress-relieving programs, providing safe alternatives to alcohol use through late night, weekend events, and providing opportunities for meaningful interactions between faculty and students. by creating a fun, inclusive, and engaging community, we believe our objectives encourage lifetime engagement between students and the university.